Geovane Pedro De Bortoli

Madame Trash
Creative Director, Production, PR & Promotion
To Dance
Management (Photo/Video-Shooting, Events), Image Creation (Promotional Campaigns, Branding), Promo (Artistic, Events, Labels)
D-Edge | TrashEra | Whole Festival
Since 1999 (20 years ago), when he started to enjoy electronic music in the very deep countryside of Brazil, Geovane started producing events/parties that were related to his biggest passion: to dance. The experience of a dance floor was always transcendental, letting this eternal doubt of whether working with it or not, by the fact that it could become a burden as it gets serious work. After almost a decade, he found himself getting invited to work in the best club from South America, D-Edge in São Paulo. By that time, when remembering the history with events, sounded funny that the need of working with it was always there, ready to wake up. Shortly after, in 2013 Berlin became his destiny and a summer holiday trip transformed in a lifetime change. After staying in Europe and not returning home, the drive of producing something substantial, which would change and transform the surroundings and local scene was growing every day more. It all started with a club project idea: APOTHEKA (crazy, but still existing in the back of his mind), which was a fusion of art-music in an electronic music-performative space. A club with a big space for artistic development. Still in the first stages of the project, unfortunately things had to be stopped. But from that idea, the core of TrashEra was born. Co-founder of this queer project together with Bráulio Bandeira and a big group or friends, in 2015 this outrageous trash project took over Berlin and its scene, and now it is ready to evolve to a next level, offering a wide branch of services/events/collaborations in what we could call a CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS AGENCY. A collective that see things from a little different perspective, without being shaped by market. Where trash is art, music is a lifestyle and love is not romance.