A very intense weekly challenge to come up with something new every time, for '90 editions!', during the course of 2 years. Using mainly original filmed material and heavily distorted internet found footage, the only rule was - no techno, letting it open to anything else possible. As if it wasn’t enough, In addition to it, monthly flyers and weekly banners were produced to enhance the communication of this great cultural hotspot in one of the up and coming neighborhoods of Berlin, Wedding.


A stream of ideas, flowing from a strong ideology that supports edgy creativity happening away from mainstream culture. An underground stronghold for all sorts of open-minded people, a flood cultures, a place to meet, to create or simply to get together. Togetherness that are a trademark of their events, sprinkled with a very painstaking musical taste, Panke is hosting performances and events inviting all for a unique experience. The gallery seeks to open up a local and international dialogue between established and emerging artists in the recent history of Berlin. A primal exchange for the breakthrough aftermath of a rare mix of indulgent life lovers.




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Stasys Žak