TE04: Pre-Cum II

TE04: Pre-Cum II

Michał Andrysiak


Partnering with SchwuZ for a new Berlin trash-event, this PRE-PARTY experience transformed an amazing space into an immersive experience for the crowd. Art and music were present again, fighting together in support of our underground culture.

A landmark event, we also celebrated the (belated) first anniversary of TrashEra, as well as our expansion, as we birthed an AGENCY and a LABEL. While still starting out, we wanted to introduce the world to a little of the story behind this crazy endeavor.


Rollbergstraße 26, 12053 Berlin


12-13 MAY 2016


Cosma Livre (live), Paulo Tessuto a.k.a. CARLOS CAPSLOCK, Exildiscount, Deepneue


Butt-Laser by Vincent Riebeek, Tristan Rehbold, Jorge Benavides and Antonio Onio. Guru Galaxi by Catalin Jugravu, Trash your Face (Sketch) by Yio Ka, Jesucio's Toilette Party, Video Warnings by Fábio M Silva and his POP UP STORE, Jake Indiana & Lindsey Marie White THE 10 COMMANDMENTS, Elias Karniaris DRAG QUEENS THAT WENT DOWN IN HISTORY and Andrea Nucifora PORTRAITRASH. Darkroom’s Late Night Triple Feature PiXXXture Show (Visuals): L.A. Zombie by Bruce LaBruce, Compilation of Short-Films and Trailers by Antonio Da Silva, Collapse by Collapsella and Stop Collapsing