We create original, powerful images to help develop a strong visual identity. Whether it’s a social issue, a commercial need or a political statement; we are up to it. From raw looking pictures full of texture to refined digital imagery. Please contact us with your questions and let us make an image worth a thousand!

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From promo clips to music videos, we produce material to support communications, with a love for inspiring feelings beyond meaning. We provide a full structure to create illusions or to portray rough realities. Please contact us with your questions and let us shoot a cinematographic orgasm.

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Music is our life. We belong to the sound of the future. Deep delightful grooves, to have fun with it. Our producers and sound engineers create sophisticated and fresh soundscapes to fit communication needs or trigger fantastic moods. It is an important part of people's way of life. Contact us to excite your days or perform profound rhythms.


Our performers are actors of humanity, executing the completion of tasks with application of knowledge, skills and abilities to project real, critical issues. We deliver a form of art in which artists use their voices, bodies or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression. Theatre, music, dance, object manipulation, and other kinds of performances present in all human cultures, often aiming to express one's emotions and feelings. Get in touch and find out more.


We might be trash, but we can’t stand visual pollution. Our design is clean and refreshing from a wide perspective of solutions. Graphical essence to give order to information, form to ideas, expression and feeling to artifacts that document human experience. Visual communication and problem-solving through the creative use of typography, photography and impactful illustration. Hit us up to check that out.


Challenging webpages to become portals of information. Creating labyrinths of programmed data to allure all types of viewers. Technology applied to engineer the right facets of ideologies. Designing interfaces to improve accessibility to all. Inclusiveness. Softwares to facilitate navigation and provide amplitude of communication. Message us to discover the ways to do it.


There’s more to words than knowing how to type. We provide sexy, simmered narratives for artists, brands and people. Empowering statements to yell for the muted voices and suffocated souls of the world. Hope to the ears of (un)humankind and poetry to seduce the most gentle kind of (un)gendered folk. Get in touch to be touched!


Brands don’t have to be opportunistic douchebags. (or It is possible to be the good guy and still make money). We help to build emerging brands that are queer, sustainable and alternative to the pre-established system. A curated management designed to upgrade the reach to the right crowds - genderless, shameless and fearless mortals. Contact us for a no-regrets consultation!