TE06: Contagion

TE06: Contagion

Stasys Žak


Taking place in a former train station in the Berlin neighbourhood of Moabit, CONTAGION featured numerous performance acts, a fashion show, live music, and a groovy DJ selection, allowing for a night of intensive experimentation and mind-bending art.


ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik)
Siemensstraße 27, 10551 Berlin


24-25 MAY 2017


Mike Dehnert, Jerome Hill, Dr. BEAT a.k.a. Renato Baldi, Lipstick Trash, Francesco de Luca, Deepneue, Aérea Negrot, Lester & Niki, Unhuman & Mara (Hybrid LIVE), LINEAR TIME DOESN'T EXIST by Andre Fau, COSMA LAB [with A Witch with a Tear by Nicky Mille; Prototype Self: 4elements; Intermissions: Lola Lust; Fractures: Martina Dunkelmann and Cosma Livre], Aswad


TEATRLEON by Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, CONTAGION by Stefano Taiuti, TOILET ROOM by Collapsella, HUV by VDR LCD (Andre Fau, Stephane Mashyno and Philipp Urrutia), CUM LAUDE (#whateverpride) Fashion Show by Juan Laborý, TURKISH GLITCH STORIES by Antoine Heraly, DARK ROOM MAZE, POP UP SHOP by Slavis Frank, ALCHEMY vegan food by Tom Wennerstrand, Lars Christofer Ferm and Felipe Costa, VISUALS by Stasys Žak | Syrtha, LIGHT DESIGN by Michał ANdrysiak