TE07: En-Nightment

Stasys Žak


TrashEra’s EN-NIGHTMENT was the first event in our long collaboration with Berlin club Wilde Renate — a very special space that resembled, on a smaller scale, our first events at Neu West Berlin, with many rooms and lots happening between them. Renate really fits that concept and adds a trashy je ne sais quoi to our events, like this one, with over 30 artists and an after-party in our unforgettable attic location.


SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin


10-11 NOVEMBER 2017


Andre Fau, Cristian Marras, Special Request, Erta Ale, Deepneue, Lipstick Trash, Yr Lovely Dead Moon (live), Eric ‘Drunks” Duncan, ‘Expired by Date’ - Aérea Negrot feat. Otto Hernandez (live performance), Aswad, Michal Zeitara, Superstar Kunst DJ Collapsella, Slavis TON, Žiga Tomori, LADY GAZA: Und die Gliedgrabshers, Avaen, Khaled Rezek, Yerr Martina (Flirren)


Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Jade Lee Petersen, Apollo Garcia, Wench Queens, ReveRso, light installations by Michal Andrysiak and a pop-up store by Slavis Frank