Developing the club’s own events communication for over an year, being focused on their KLUBNACHT parties, a classic of the Berliner nightlife. Utilizing of transmorphing photography with a hint of art. The rather lisergic looks of artworks set a new tone for the club’s image communication. A very unique take on photography.


Known by their successful open air parties, IPSE is one of the most cozy and beautiful places to be in Summer in the city of Berlin. Offering as well an option of a warehouse-looking techno floor, the club floats between house and techno. Klubnachts are normally the most important and classic nights, a tradition in the local scene. Located on the banks of the Spree, its location is a touristic must-go in the heart of Kreuzberg, cultural center in the middle of the now reunified city, known around the world for its alternative scene and counterculture.