Photo-Editorials / Artworks for the party’s promotional campaigns based in queer aspects and inclusiveness of gender, body-positiveness and political statements. Long-time partners, the trash collective provided to the rioters exclusive material for almost 2 years. Enjoy every second of it!


One of the many queer parties of Berlin local scene, the project ran by the Brazilian duo Mauro Feola and Geovane Pedro De Bortoli (Co-founder of TrashEra) is one of the most cozy and intimate events in the city. With a very eclectic booking, valorizing mostly local DJs, the party also provided substantial attractions of the size of Miss Kittin. Underground as it seems, Riot appreciates survivors of neglected life stories, empowered by the act of living their lives by a matter of choices made based on political beliefs that go against the system and sustain a safe space for minorities.