A long-time partner and a sex-positive queer liberation platform for thousands of people, the Pornceptual collective invites the Trash crew to take over one of its dance floors and make it wet. Always putting a focus on the atmosphere, you can expect a multi-orgasmic, unforgettable time in a bunker at the centre of Berlin.


A yearly project since October 2016, Pornceptual’s K-Hole dancefloor becomes a home for TrashEra for one night. With performances, techno, and light installations, TrashEra is hyper-committed to making everyone dance to the max, by dedicating the whole night to intense groove and power.


NOV 2016
Shira Kela, Onio, Deepneue, Valentin Tszin, Stasys Žak, Michał Andrysiak

OCT 2017
Deepneue, Lipstick Trash, Silenzo, Stasys Žak, Michał Andrysiak

OCT 2018
Deepneue, Lipstick Trash, Mareena, Stefano Taiuti, Stasys Žak

Booking by: Geovane Pedro De Bortoli, Omer Saban