Milkshake Festival

Milkshake Festival


Amsterdam’s most notable queer festival, Milkshake, is for all types and tastes. From hip-hop to the super-produced and raging SUPER TOYS floor, with all varieties of electronic music in between. TrashEra brought Berlin to the party, hosting a warehouse event with performances, techno, and visuals, plus an insanely energetic after-hours (a specialty of the collective).


Amsterdam collective Cirkus Klauterwerck invited the TrashEra crew to create and produce a full dancefloor at the festival: Pakhaus Berlin. The floor was graced with the presence of international electronic figures including Miss Kittin, Kim Ann Foxmann, and Sandrien, bringing the spirit of Berlin to this renowned event. (Especially at the afterparty — a bomb of energy and sweat!)


DATE: 2017 07 29
MUSIC: Deepneue
VISUALS: Stasys Žak
PERFORMANCES: Kewin Bo, Tristan Rehbold
PRODUCTION: Carlo Dijckmeester
BOOKING BY: Geovane Pedro De Bortoli