TE13: The 11 Wonders


Stasys Žak


To celebrate the end of summer, we created a steamy atmosphere to provoke encounters between sweaty bodies under the sun, a patchwork of rare beauty, real, honest, and dripping with particles of love. By daring to question the wonders and standards of this world, TE13 reinforced and empowered its guests to be whatever they like: we are all beautiful!


30-31 AUGUST 2019


SALON ZUR WILDEN RENATE Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin


Nansea (LIVE), Veronica Maximova, Alison Swing, Nina Berg, Mr. Manic (LIVE), Flirren (LIVE), Yha Yha, Tini Weng, James Demon, Eduardo de la Calle, Came To Roost (LIVE), Esther Duijn, Flavia Laus, DJ Spit b2b Dj Saliva, DJ Lentil, SlavisTON, Superstar Kunst DJ Collapsella, Cher Nobyl, Martin Jahn, Njeszka, Andre Fau, Aswad DJ, Erta Ale + VJ Aconite


ReveRso, Marta Antinucci, Gonnorhianna, The FlaminGogos, Screening of "The MultiVerse in a Mouthfuck" short porn movie by Jorge TheObsene and Bitch Pop Up Shop by Anthony de Bono