TE14: Eau De Toilette

TE14: Eau De Toilette

Stasys Žak


When the sun goes down the heat, leaves falling, colors changing earthy tones. It is time to get closer, sweaty boxes of techno-logic music, rubbing naked bodies to forget how cold hearts can be. Smells: cigarettes, alcohol and whatever else is in the air, clubbing-like. Family times are valued now, to dance, to love and to make love, not babies. Fragrances to remind distant dear ones. Times are changing, the speed is faster, memories are shorter, but one thing we will always remember, the scent of remarkable stories, great ones - toilet tales. Running waters of queerness extravagance. Don't be free, be aware..and just be.


Salon zur Wilden Renate8 Nov 2019 – 9 Nov 2019


8 Nov 2019 – 9 Nov 2019


DJ TEETH, Kirill Shapovalov, Rakans (LIVE), Marina Bibik, Unfound//Анфаунд , ELECTROSEXUAL, DJ Lusinda, Jerome Hill, Lipstick Trash, Andre Fau, Deepneue, Miss Djax, Bloody Mary, Loris D’Ettorre, RT.Teclemayer, Syrtha, Mætadata, Flavia Laus

Hosted by Collapsella: ELLA GANZA BALUBECIAGA, SUPERSTAR KUNST DJ Collapsella, Pininga & Alada


Queerdos at TrashEra: Violence directed by Cat Jugravu, ReveRso, Reece Lewis, BITCH PφP UP $hφP by Anthony de Bono