Whole Festival

Stasys Žak
Nicky Miller, Aja Jane, Kyle Patrick, Petr Devaikin, Liv Garofalo, Fatu Lönnberg, Jorge Benavides, Jo Cè
Make Up
Samantha Pottmaier
Geovane Pedro De Bortoli


As a creative agency we provided a video-promo material and event photos for the first edition of the Festival, back in 2017. The shooting happened at the first event’s location, Bergheider See, Lichterfeld-Schacksdorf. The work executed includes co-production, models, video-artist and editing. A multi-faceted colorful queer collaboration.

On the side of photography, a compilation of the best moments of the Festival was provided in digital format.


A three day Electronic Music Camping Festival featuring a cross-section of Berlin’s underground queer scene.

Aiming to create an inclusive environment that provides space for the acceptance of all gender expressions and sexual orientations, but in a relaxing, outdoor environment outside of the hectic confines of the city. A multi-day camping festival where self-expression and self-liberation are paramount.

Considering today’s tumultuous and polarizing political climate, we find it necessary to create a refuge for those that oftentimes find themselves marginalized by the rest of society. WHOLE is more than just an outdoor weekend-long party, but rather an exercise in community building.