Whole Festival


A three day Electronic Music Camping Festival featuring a cross-section of Berlin’s underground queer scene.

Our aim is to create an inclusive environment that provides space for the acceptance of all gender expressions and sexual orientations, in a relaxing, outdoor environment outside of the hectic confines of the city. A multi-day camping festival where self-expression and self-liberation are paramount.

Considering today’s tumultuous and polarizing political climate, we find it necessary to create a refuge for those that oftentimes find themselves marginalized by the rest of society. WHOLE is more than just an outdoor weekend-long party, but rather an exercise in community building.


TrashEra is an effective part of the festival since its inception, bringing multi-coloured sounds and a wide range of unique characters to illuminate the dancefloors. We curate a DJ line up and a few of the performances, plus co-produce and organize the event in partnership with another 20+ collectives from all around the world in 2019.


14-17 June 2019




[BP] (Paris), Buttons (Berlin), The Carry Nation (New York), CockTail d'Amore (Berlin), Curated by GIRLS (Berlin), Gay Haze (Brussels), Gegen (Berlin), Golosa (Berlin), Horoom Nights / BASSIANI (Tbilisi), Horse Meat Disco (London), House of Living Colors (Berlin), Lecken (Berlin), Maricas Maricas (Barcelona), mina (Lisbon), No Shade (Berlin), Popoff Kitchen (Moscow), Pornceptual (Berlin), Room 4 Resistance (Berlin), SIREN (London), SPEK (Antwerp), SPIELRAUM (Amsterdam), Traición (Mexico City), TrashEra (Berlin), TRHANS (Berlin), UNTER (New York), Vitamina (Milan), WRECKEDnyc (New York)
CockTail d'Amore, Buttons, Discwoman, Horse Meat Disco, Pornceptual, Members, Curated by GIRLS, TrashEra, Unter [NYC], G day, Lecken
Members, Pornceptual, TrashEra, female:pressure, Liber Null Berlin, RIOT, G day


Deepneue, Lipstick Trash, Flavia Laus, hit͟hər to͞o, NONCOMPLIANT
Deepneue, Lipstick Trash, ANRI, Trancemission II (live by Deepneue with Stasys Žak, Kewin Bo and Nicky Miller), Isabassi, Freddy K, Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, Jade Lee Petersen
Deepneue, Lipstick Trash, Oliver Deutschmann, Aswad, Catalin Jugravu, Stasys Žak
Geovane Pedro De Bortoli, Omer Saban