Picture the intense vibration of a good slap on your butt cheeks: now you know what PAH! is all about, as the (in)famous Christmas party of the TrashEra Collective. As family are the ones you chose, this holiday tradition must be spent with the ones you love. Definitely a must-attend in Berlin.


The TrashEra Agency created and developed the event concept. Originating from Brazilian queer culture, PAH! stands for making an impact, so we focused on the best ways to shock and excite people around us. We created the logotype, flyers, promo videos, and social media graphic pieces (all by Otavio Santiago). We also were in charge of event management and artist bookings, plus organizing and planning the famous X-MESS Dinner, a pre-party event with an extensive menu and accessible price: a huge comfort to anyone feeling lonely at this time of the year.


X-MAS 2018
Shira Kela, Johnny Da Cruz, SlavisTON, Ady Toledano, Antonio Vázquez, Blasha & Allatt, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Jovan Feuerstacke, Yha Yha, KILLA, Just Marco b2b Magic Nenio

OCT 2018
White Lie, 2FARO, Mashyno, Mauro Feola, X tin, Elisa Bee, Hannah Addams, Ephemera, Silenzo, Jovan Feuerstacke, Maidengawd, Superstar Kunst DJ Collapsella, SlavisTON, Syrtha

MAY 2018
Yannik Zender, S Ruston, Sebastian Voigt, Mike Starr, Ephemera, X tin, Sylvie Maziarz, Balas, Deepneue, Akkamiau, Vale

XMAS 2017
Sciarada, 2FARO, Vvicky, Ady Toledano, Control Delete, Anja Zaube, Femanyst, Aswad, Hannah Addams, X tin, Magic Nenia, Francis Hubbard, Jade Lee Petersen

Geovane Pedro De Bortoli, Omer Saban