Otavio Santiago


Picture the intense vibration of a good slap on your butt cheeks: now you know what PAH! Is all about. It is the (in)famous X-mas party of the TrashEra Collective.
As family are the ones you chose, this holiday tradition must-be spend with the ones you love. Definitely a must-attend in Berlin.


Firstly TrashEra Agency created and developed the event’s concept: the best way of expressing something so awesome that both shock and excite all people around you! Originary from the Brazilian queer culture, stands for causing an impact.


X-MAS 2018
Shira Kela, Johnny Da Cruz, SlavisTON, Ady Toledano, Antonio Vázquez, Blasha & Allatt, hiT͟Hərˈto͞o, Jovan Feuerstacke, Yha Yha, KILLA, Just Marco b2b Magic Nenio
OCT 2018
White Lie, 2FARO, Mashyno, Mauro Feola, X tin, Elisa Bee, Hannah Addams, Ephemera, Silenzo, Jovan Feuerstacke, Maidengawd, Superstar Kunst DJ Collapsella, SlavisTON, Syrtha
MAY 2018
Yannik Zender, S Ruston, Sebastian Voigt, Mike Starr, Ephemera, X tin, Sylvie Maziarz, Balas, Deepneue, Akkamiau, Vale
X-MAS 2017
Sciarada, 2FARO, Vvicky, Ady Toledano, Control Delete, Anja Zaube, Femanyst, Aswad, Hannah Addams, X tin, Magic Nenia, Francis Hubbard, Jade Lee Petersen
Geovane Pedro De Bortoli, Omer Saban