TE02: Zerstört II

TE02: Zerstört II


Over a hundred performers and installation artists took part in this wild experience, made up of a restaurant, four dancefloors, and a jaw dropping outside area built inside of pieces of the Berlin Wall. Over 2,500 people showed up for a three day long epic event, a contemporary resurrection of the ‘90s occupation raves in Berlin, when much of the area was abandoned, and the city suffered an immense exodus, following the fall of the Wall.


Köpenicker Straße 55, 10179 Berlin


22-25 MAY 2015


Marc Hype, Lady Blacktronika, Mikesh, Cosma Livre, Maertini Broes., Mauro Feola, Samuel Gieben, Smash TV, Tom Peters, Daso, Röi Gi, Siopis, Jovan Feuerstacke, Antonio Vázquez, Setaoc Mass, DJ Bera (Autorama), Deepneue, prcdrl, Tabula Reza, Manos a la Playa, Tone Affair LIVE, Mark Henning, Santiago Lecce, Projekt Gestalten LIVE, Raysoo LIVE, Mijk van Dijk, Stefan Z, Frag Maddin


Curated by Zerstört: Agora Pop UP Restaurant, BEAUTIFUL TRASH - Curating series by Bráulio Bandeira, Live drawing by Nadja PetkoviC, Ulrike Buchheim - Floral Installation, German Pinazo - ''Single'', Mixed Media Installation, Kandis Williams, ''STAINS IN THE COWSHED'' workshop, Lewis Reed and Knock - Spray Paint Installation, Photography exhibition with work from George Nebieridze (Georgia), Frankie Casillo (Italy), Zoey Lee (Singapore), Claudio Campo-Garcia - Outdoor Installation ''Viktor'', Christian Chalco - Outdoor Sculpture Installation, Judicael - Basement Light Installation, Gregori Homa with durational performance ''Artist in Residency'', GOAT at Zerstörtt by Claudio Brandolino and Tim Futo, Lucas Bertin - Light and Plant Installation, Martin Stebbing & Ian Clemmer - W // Double You, Philip Lawton LIVE Piano Piece, Jett Strauss Installation, Jean-Pierre Jacquet ''Baby'', Yoga by Rachell Bo Clark, Massage by Brock LeMieux, Paulina Grochowska ''The Hardest Lesson // 7 Greater Sins of the Modern Man'', Henrikas aka H2 garden Installation, HEDDA, Theater Play directed by Catalin Jugravu (with Marina Provenzzano, Catalin Jugravu and Martin Moeller, Claudio Brandoline and Tim Futo.

Curated by Antonio Onio - ABJECCTV: www.abjecctv.tumblr.com - THERE IS NO SOLACE THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON A LONG TIME an instructional chamber music piece by Philip Lawton featuring live video projection by Michal Andrysiak), Kewin Bo's ENIGMA, The Teeming: a spring pageant, a swarm, a vanity. Presented by Radical Levels Dance Theatre and performed by Valentin Tszin, Michael Pattison Fashion Show.