TE01: Zerstört


Destruction is creation: TrashEra is born.

On this day, transformations took place:
The historic Neu West Berlin, an East Berlin apartment building became a full-blown madhouse, and our first [Edition] was realised.
Part installation, part dining experience, and part techno rave, this durational piece reflects on a post-traumatic city, asking – how do we come together – and how do we fall apart?


[ Zerstört ]
It's a memorial to a city in flux. For one night only an ensemble of artists, performers, and DJs create a surreal likeness of Berlin’s culture of upheaval and excess. Get lost in a broken society of characters, set loose across ten floors of installations and enigmas.

[ TrashEra ]
'...from FRESH to TRASH'
>> TrashEra is a concept that emerges from the club scene in Berlin and is invited to be part of this event about destruction. It's kind of basic in the city's lifestyle to have a 'trash' feeling, where everyone fits in a way of respect and support each other and most important: ACCEPT everyone's style and differences. That's what makes this small piece of Germany so amazing and unique in a point of view of creators and creations.

Bringing this to life, has been touring a long way and developing a network of people who identify with the attitude to 'be trash'. When given the same level of esteem and affection, their positive contributions to the world radiate freely. Once achieved what we all could deliver to the world is just: AMAZINGNESS.

>>because TRASH is not GARBAGE!
A massive thanks to all those that joined us in this fight for space, in the best place we could do it: the DANCE FLOOR. This was just the beginning… VIVA TrashEra!


Köpenicker Straße 55, 10179 Berlin


28-29 MARCH 2015


Lipstick Trash, Janko Loftinger, Aérea Negrot, Grego G, Italoboyz, Manos a La Playa, Deepneue, Tyree Cooper, Jovan Feuerstacke, Rain City Riot [LIVE], Kokerot (panta rhei), Cosma Livre (Visualaudio), Marcel Freigeist


Curated by Zerstört: Pop Up Imbiss FEAT. DÖNERTELLER VERSACE, Mary Lilith Fischer, Catalin Jugravu, Austin Fagan, Felix Cogilli, Violetta Salvagno, Martin Moeller, Pedro Costa presenting Solange tô Aberta, João Roncha, Lilla Roma Weisselberg, Paulina Liwia Grochowska, Veruschka Bohn, Clio Marden, Sura Hertzberg, Alice Heyward, Rachell Clark, Federica Dauri, Kewin Bo, Ellen Angus, Digital Flowers (Angela Chambers and Chikara Aoshima), 4elements1, Cher Nobyl, Roizentul (aka D von Wilt)